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Cantley Staithe

Cantley Staithe Charitable Association 

Our objectives are; 

  • To establish, run and maintain Cantley Staithe. 
  • To facilitate and promote safe access to the river Yare to enable boating, fishing and other leisure and educational activities. 
  • To ensure this facility is available to people of all ages, abilities, incomes and ethnic origins. 

The Parish Council (custodian trustee) is now the Sole Trustee.

Staithe Working Party
Steve Bennet
Colin McRobert
Tim Drew
Alan Slade
Ian Thompson
Robert Beadle
Steve Millbanks- representing the Reedcutter Public House.
Dot Machin 
Derek Allen - Secretary

A Brief History of the Staithe Project

The project started in April 2005 when the Staithe area gained Village Green Status.

In July that year the Parish Council met with the Broads Authority to discuss options for developing the Staithe. Lesley Marsden (of the Broads Authority), arranged for various plans to be drawn up.

In March 2008 two open meetings were held to test public feeling towards the project. It was decided to run the project from within the Parish Council and to subsequently establish a Staithe Management Group, with charitable status, to take over the running of the finished Staithe.

The planning application for developing the Staithe was approved by the Broads Authority on 8th July 2009. As the deadline approached for Broadland Environmental Services Ltd (BESL) to start work in autumn 2009 it was decided to divide the Project into two phases.

This meant that the grant from WREN, which would have expired in September 2009, was secured and with a successful application to BIFFAWARD the new target of £270,500 was reached.

BESL started work on 9th November 2009 and handed over to the Broads Authority on 21st May 2010.

In the meantime Phase 2 of the Project was launched to fund the floating pontoon.

Having obtained a 20% grant from Broadland District Council, a grant of £20,000 from the Broads Authority Sustainable Development Fund with grant provided by DEFRA and a donation of £123 from Hardley 100 Club the funding was completed.

Much of the initial work to investigate suitable pontoons was done by Paul Scott. This was subsequently taken over by Keith Luxford .

During 2008 a letter was sent to the whole Parish asking for volunteers to form a Management Group. Seven people volunteered to form the Management Group. Four representative members were also invited to join from British Sugar, the Broads Authority, the Reedcutter Public House and the Parish Council. The Broads Authority did not take up this offer.

The inaugural meeting was on the 22nd January 2009.

The Staithe opened on 18th September 2010.

In 2018 the Parish Council as Custodian Trustee has become the sole trustee.